Safety Tips For Beach and Pool Lovers

Safety Tips For Beach and Pool Lovers

Summer is still at its peak in the Las Vegas area which means that many of you are still hanging out by the pool. We can’t blame you; it is scorching hot out there! With that in mind, In the Sky wants to shed light on safety tips for beach and pool lovers everywhere!

Watch Out For

When swimming in public places, look for space. You want to a lifeguard on duty when you go out for a swim. Even if you’re a good swimmer, never go alone! Why? Lifeguards are critical in ensuring safety no matter what! When you’re swimming at the beach, only swim in regulated areas. It might be tempting to take on rip tides and undercurrents, but you might not receive quick help when you find yourself in trouble. 

Swim at the Right Time

The presence of a lifeguard is not the only thing you should take into consideration. Check the weather, and make sure that it will not rain on that day. If you happen to take a dip on a day of a thunderstorm, you could be in a lot of danger. The sun is at its peak between 10-5 p.m. We suggest to limit your sun exposure to prevent sun damages. If you really must be at the pool, wear plenty of sunscreen with at least SPF 15 or higher. Often re-apply this to assure quality.

In Case of Emergency

When you’re at the beach, always consider all the possibilities. Rip currents occur on any given day. This is especially true after a storm. Also, don’t swim near piers or jetties because rip currents are commonly found in those areas. In case you find yourself caught in a rip current, never go against it! Instead, swim along the current parallel to the shore until you’re released. Once you’re released, swim towards the shore and away from where the current is located.