Did you recently move into a new home? How exciting! While the excitement of being a new homeowner can be overwhelming, you’ll want to take a deep breath in and start preparing your home for a long and happy future! One of the first and most important things that you’ll want to do as a new homeowner is to take these home security tips to make sure that you protect your home from would-be intruders, burglars, and thieves. At In the Sky, we specialize in keeping homeowners safe with great home security tips and the best home security systems in Las Vegas.

Secure Your Home’s Doors

One of the main ways that burglars tend to break into homes is by breaking in through doors – often on the side of the home or the backdoor. These doors are occasionally left unlocked and almost always out of sight from neighbors. Because of this, it’s important to secure every single door in your home with the appropriate locks and home alarm sensors.

Install Alarm Sensors on All Windows

When it comes to home burglaries and theft, most of them are crimes of opportunity. In fact, most burglars are just searching for the right “window” of opportunity to break into a home and make an easy score. Windows are very vulnerable areas in your home’s security system and that’s why you should focus on securing them. By placing home alarm sensors on every single window. At least then when burglars attempt to open or break a window it will notify you and the authorities.

Invest in a Doorbell Security Camera to Protect Packages From Theft

Did you know that one of the most common forms of theft that homeowners will experience is mail theft? With the growing popularity of online shopping and contactless delivery, many opportunists are just waiting to find a package unattended! If you’re worried about your packages being stolen right from your doorstep, the best thing to do is invest in a doorbell security camera— like Ring. A doorbell security camera will notify you whenever there is activity on your doorstep and allow you to see and speak to whoever is there. This will keep your home protected from would-be thieves.

Install Home Security Cameras

Much like you would rely on your doorbell security camera to protect your home’s doorstep, you want to also protect the rest of your property as well. By installing indoor and outdoor security cameras around your home, you will have a birds-eye view of all the activity around your home. Despite what you might think, home security cameras are very affordable and they pay for themselves with peace of mind knowing that your home is protected around the clock.