• The Best Time to Change Your Locks

    22 Oct 2015 | Blog | InTheSky
  • The Best Time to Change Your Locks

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    Our key is the first layer of protection from unwanted entry. However, some homeowners forget the importance of it that they often neglect to keep a routine in changing it. Our keys are so important since it secures our loved ones and our hard earned possessions. But when is the best time to actually change locks?

    Relationships come and go. When that particular relationship ends, one of you has to leave. One of the perfect time to change your locks is when you’ve officially gone through a breakup. You just never know when that crazy ex of yours if going to barge in and take something precious from you as an act of retaliation.

    This also goes for roommates who decided that they want to live somewhere else. Even though you trust this former roommate of yours, you just don’t know what will happen to those keys of yours. One day you might open your doors to a home with your roommate’s angry ex-boyfriend/girlfriend trying to find them. Let’s just hope that doesn’t happen!

    It’s also best to change locks when you lose your keys. A lot of people don’t see the importance of this because they quickly brush the idea that their home will be found. Nevertheless, you lose your keys at your driveway, but you were thinking that you actually lost it at the grocery store. An intruder can quickly swift your personal belongings without having to go through the back window.

    It’s also best to change locks when they clearly look old. Yes, you know that lock that needs an extra push or turn to actually open? It’s only a matter of time when you find yourself giving that extra twist at the door and realize that your key is jammed inside the lock. You’re not only locked out, but now you have to get a locksmith to bust the door open.

    Save yourself the trouble, and change locks when issues arise. You can never be too safe to do so because they are your first layer of protection. Your safety should always come first.